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With nearly a decade of film-making and photography experience, Chris focuses on projects that highlight progress, and he has built a robust international network of organizations, clients, and partners who prioritize positive social impact.

Proficient in various aspects of media production, from scripting to shooting and editing video, Chris spent nearly four years in India creating digital content for clients, including: corporate foundations; international non-governmental organizations; and local startups and nonprofits.

A recent New York transplant who has lived and worked across the U.S. and South Asia, Chris brings a global perspective to his work and consciously fosters an environment of inclusion, empathy, and transparency.

Via operating in a diverse array of conditions, such as the urban sprawl of megacities and remote villages in rural India, Chris has learned the importance of building relationships and trust with any partner or stakeholder--the final product always reveals this rapport.

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Siemens Foundation, William J. Clinton Fellowship, The American India Foundation, Novo Nordisk, Bempu Health, Ramsons, Label Ritu Kumar, Three Wheels United, 360+, Puraw Vida, Hunnarshala, Aarohi, Reaching Hand,, Zabaan Language Institute

On location for the American India Foundation and RIVER in Rishi Valley, India 2016
Picture courtesy of Prashant Panjiar / The American India Foundation